Price Reductions Continue to Increase recently announced that price reductions for homes currently listed for sale have increased for the fourth consecutive month to an all-time high of 27 percent and account for a total reduction of more than $30.7 billion nationwide.

“We would normally expect to see a seasonal uptick in price reductions between June and October, as motivated sellers whose homes are still on the market after the summer selling season aggressively cut prices in an effort to get their homes sold before the holidays,” said Tara-Nicholle Nelson, consumer educator, “Comparatively speaking, we’ve found that seasonal considerations combined with a lack of urgency on the part of would-be buyers and continued job market doldrums nationwide have led to more significant reductions during this time period than during the same time frame in 2009.”

Five California cities were on the top 10 list of “Highest Percentage Increase in Price Reductions: June to Oct. 2010”:

  • Number 2, San Diego, 64 percent increase
  • Number 3, Sacramento, 61 percent increase
  • Number 4, Fresno, 51 percent increase
  • Number 5, San Jose, 46 percent
  • Number 9, Oakland, 31 percent

Since June 2010, the five largest increases in price reductions have occurred in the Western U.S., with Las Vegas registering the most substantial increase (194 percent). Five major California cities remain beneath the national average in October, but price reduction rates in all seven of California’s largest cities have increased dramatically since June, with San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego seeing the largest increases, according to the report.